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Juno Beach Pilates has lengthened my body and created long, lean muscles. JBP also calms my mind and has created a peaceful balance for my body, mind, and soul.

KB / Juno Beach

I was one of those people who thought Pilates was not for me because of spinal and other physical issues. After just a few sessions I could touch my toes (for the first time in 30 years), had increased flexibility and stamina, and continue to have less back pain. Of course there is the added bonus of a more sculpted, firmer body! The staff gives individual attention and guidance in the small group sessions so you can work and develop at your own pace without discomfort. I never enjoyed the impersonal, noisy fitness center experience, but these classes are therapy for the mind and body and I now look forward to exercise instead of dreading it. They have become my favorite part of the week!

Cecile V / Juno Beach

I have finally found a form of exercise I actually look forward to. Every class is different, in a good way. I haven't gotten bored doing the same thing over and over. I especially like the small classes. The environment is very friendly, casual, no pressure (if you can't do something), but always encouraging to push yourself just a little bit more. I have had Jackie and Donna as instructors. Love them both! I look forward to moving on to the more difficult classes.

Tina / Jupiter

When I walked through the door and met Jackie for the first time. I felt like I belonged. Her beautiful smile and upbeat personality won me over. My Pilates workout is challenging! Jackie is always there to help me get through a difficult position, and won't take I can'tfor an answer. I have seen dramatic results. I am still a size eight, but, my clothesfit better and look great. My confidence and work outs have changed ramatically. I love the woman I have met. Juno Beach Pilates is an upbeat and positive place to workout.

Marcia G / Palm Beach Gardens

Pilates is challenging to the mind and body and has taught me to have better self-awareness. JBP is like a sanctuary which everyone can benefit from.

Kerry Ann / Jupiter

Pilates is what keeps me going! It is not only my core strength, but my spirit that is emboldened. My dear Lisa is warm and understanding and ever patient. This is my 8th year. It is the best. May I continue with Joe’s Philosophy.

Ruth / Jupiter

The best studio with the best instructors! I love having the option of so many different types of exercising.

Carol K / Juno Beach

I have loved classes with both Lisa and Jackie. Advanced class with Jackie really challenges me. Both staff and participants are so friendly.

Susan O / Jupiter

Thank you for all your work and encouragement. I’ve been very afraid of the reformer! I love your classes.

Bonnie S / Jupiter

I have been exercising since a very young age. As a gymnast, later a professional ballerina, yoga instructor, I have always been able to maintain my body in good shape. However, as the years pass, I have found it more challenging to keep the toning of my muscles. Since I have been doing Pilates, I can see the difference in my body, my muscles are regaining the tone they had lost. In addition to this, at Juno Beach Pilates I have found a wonderful atmosphere with amazing women to socialize. I love the space: beautiful, relaxing and filled with positive energy brought in by its amazingly professional and knowledgeable instructors. I can't wait to go back. I would recommend this to all my friends and anybody who finds the need to feel good and look good!

Daniela R / Lake Park